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La magia di Venezia | by Enrique P. Z.


La magia di Venezia | by .

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Happy 80th Birthday, Thomas Stewart Baker! (January 20th, 1934)

"Not only don’t I know who I am, but I’m very suspicious of people who do know who they are. I am sometimes ten or twelve people a day, and sometimes four or five people an hour!"

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Twinkling Castle, Edinburgh
By Martin Tenbones


Twinkling Castle, Edinburgh

By Martin Tenbones

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Lighting the World

Out in space, the Dark interminable
Reaching, pervading every recess,
Devoid of gravity, an empty, lonely void
The vacuum crushing all it besets.

The scorching Sphere of brilliant Light
Spinning lonely away from the frozen black;
Careening and speeding sans reference,
Running away to avoid only turning back.

Always worried with her pace and haste,
Determined ever to illuminate the World,
But, though earnest and fiery, strong,
Avoided the Black to which she’d been hurled.

When at last winded by all her weariness,
The Darkness caught up and took her hand.
At first frightened by his powerful grip
She couldn’t completely comprehend,

An uneasy exhilaration overcame her.
Bit by bit the pleasure nipped and bit.
Before she knew it, she felt an embrace
Scintillate her scorched, singed skin—

Nothing made sense, the run, her undone,
All once known, tremors of Light, forgotten—
Heavy breathing—Heaving core—Seething,
Exploding,imploding,all control leaving.

Solar flares, lunging… Broken, beaten Black
Licking loneliness—the longing, arching back!
Again.Again— the Void ripped with Sound, heat,
Reveling the thrill of an unknown defeat….

In passionate release, she exhaled her Light,
Breathing her cherished, churning Deep
Into the arms of her constant pursuer,
And kissing his skin, her Fire seeped.

To her surprise, she let it all happen.
She wasn’t extinguished, wasted, or used.
Her fight to flee the Dark had failed,
But success, for her, would not be refused.

Infusing her Beauty into his shadowy depths
Revealed to her a stunning new discovery.
By trusting the Dark with her fiery Love
He shared with her his Love and mystery.

Unveiled by her Splendor, lifting his shroud,
The Sun saw the World she got to Light
Was whirling away around her all along
Every single day, and every single night.

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